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Can Security Camera Houston Install a Custom Security System?

Yes, Security Camera Houston can design and install a home security system for your home or business. We provide the latest technology from mobile apps, turning on lights, setting your thermostat and viewing your home all from your cell phone!

Do I need to install a new set of cabling in my home to create a monitoring system?

No. Many basic video monitoring systems utilize analog or digital radio frequencies to transmit from camera to receiver. More and more video monitoring systems are utilizing the same wired Ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi local area network (LAN) used by your home's computers, smartphones, and other devices.

What is a closed circuit monitoring system?

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) refers to a video system that is closed to a limited amount of viewers. A CCTV system can refer to something as large as a multi-camera monitoring system for a bank to something as small as a single camera monitoring your baby. Depending on the system you choose, CCTV video can be viewed live or recorded using a digital video recorder (DVR)--either a dedicated device or your PC.

What do I need to record video or pictures in the dark?

To record images in dark or low-light conditions, you need an infrared (IR) camera--one that surrounds its lens with a ring of infrared LED illuminators. Infrared light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can't be seen by a person's eyes, and this lighting bathes the subject in heat, allowing the camera to see and capture objects even in complete darkness.

What will I see with an IR camera?

Even if your security camera records video in color during the day, the video will be switched to black and white when used with IR lighting at night, as this produces a better image than color. However, the imagery will look like standard video, though perhaps without as much detail.

What is "lux?"

Lux is the rating for light sensitivity. To illustrate, a camera with a 1 lux rating should produce an acceptable image by the light of a single camera that's 3 feet away from the subject. The lower the lux rating, the better a camera can produce a usable image in low light conditions. Ideally, an IR camera should have a 2 lux rating or less.

How do I get In Touch with Security Camera Houston?

Security Camera Houston is one of Houston's most trusted sources for wireless security cameras for your business or your home security system. For more information or to get a free quote for your home or business security camera system call Security Camera Houston at 713.201.4232