Houston Alarm Systems and Mobile Apps

mobile alarm

Manage your Alarm system from your Android Phone

Security Camera Houston offers you the convenience of mobile accessibility. Stay alert of activity and control security settings from wherever you are. Our newest mobile app, compatible with leading Android devices will keep you connected while you're on the go. The dynamic and intuitive interface makes this application easy and convenient to monitor and control your Security Camera Houston security system for your home or business.

  • Send commands to arm or disarm your system remotely.
  • Watch live video and recorded clips from your security cameras.
  • See which doors and windows are open.
  • Search event history as far back as 60 days.

  • iPhone, iPod, and iPad Compatibility for your Alarm System

    At Security Camera Houston we provide you with the latest application for your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Whether at the office, in the park or in a restaurant – who’s making sure everything is well protected at home? How do you remotely arm your alarm system if you forgot to before you left the house? Now, there’s a new app for your iPhone to make sure that you’re the one watching your home and controlling your home security from almost anywhere.

    Yes, you can monitor your home or business from your BlackBerry

    The BlackBerry application gives you an unmatched view into your home or business while you’re not there. Send commands from your BlackBerry directly to your security system. Receive updates, notifications, and news about your security system from Security Camera Houston.

  • Send commands to arm or disarm your system remotely.
  • See which doors and windows are open in real time.
  • Instantly be notified of recent motion activity at your property.
  • Watch live video feeds and view stored video clips from your security cameras.
  • Access a complete, searchable history of system and alarm events.
  • Check on system status and motion activity at your property.
  • Change your thermostat settings, lights and locks remotely.

  • If you have any questions regarding this feature for you security camera system don't hesitate call now 713.201.4232